How Do I?

Questions & Answers

Copy of a police report

A report request form must be submitted to the Administrative
Assistant. Report request forms are available on this website, please feel out the form and submit it. You will be contacted after submitting the form.

Renew or apply for a gun license

See our instructions at /firearms-license-renewal/

Accident report

You can download multiple forms from the registry’s website. Go to:

Hunting, Boating or RV question

Most of these laws are managed and enforced by the Massachusetts
Environmental Police. Go to:

Junior Operator's License

On September 1, 2007 the new J.O.L. guidelines came into effect. A
complete list of the updated regulations can be obtained on the registry’s
website. Go to:

Obtain a C.O.R.I. backround check

You may obtain this by contacting the Criminal History Systems Board @
(617) 660-4710 or by visiting: Go to:

Does the town have a leash law?

No, the town does not currently have a leash law.

Vacation/Home Check

You may contact the police department and request to have your home
placed on the “House check list”. We will periodically check your home for
the duration of your vacation.

Becoming a Boxford Police Officer

Any/all hiring notifications will be announced on this website as well
as the local media. Reserve Officer applications can be found here and dropped off at the station. Learn more